Robyn's drawings

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Address: 201 Kirbys Road, Montville Qld 4560

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Pont St Benezet, Avignon

701 Pont St Benezet, Avignon, France

Hat seller, Cordobab, Spain

705 Hat seller, Cordoba, Spain, 2013

Valencia street scene

709 Street scene, Valencia, Spain, 2013

Bed and Breakfast, 5250 Venice

713 Bed and Breakfast, 5250 Venice, Italy, 2013

View from Old Town, Tallinn

717 View from Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia, 2013

Cafe, Seraccoli, Bologna

702 Street cafe near Case Serracchioli, Bologna, Italy, 2013

Piazza, Ravenna, Italy

706 Piazza, Ravenna, Italy, 2013

Canal drawbridge, Amsterdam

710 Canal drawbridge, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013

Rila Monastery, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

714 Rila Monastery, Rhodope Mountains near Sophia, Bulgaria, 2013

Rooftops, Brugges, Belgium

718 Rooftops, Brugges, Belgium, 2013

City gate, Rudolfplatz, Cologne

703 City gate, Rudolfplatz, Cologne, Germany, 2013

Moored dinghys, Oslo

707 Moored dinghys, Oslo, Norway, 2013

Bernini's Elephant, Rome

711 Bernini's Elephant, Piazza della Minerva, Rome, 2013

City wall ramparts, Avignon

715 City wall ramparts, Avignon, France, 2013

Balcony apartments, Toulouse

719 Balcony apartments, Toulouse, France, 2013

Mezquita, Cordoba

704 Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain, 2013

Tyn Cathedral, Prague

708 Tyn Cathedral, Czech Republic, 2013

Basel Hbf

712 Basel Hbf, Basel, Switzerland, 2013

Street scene, Lehen, Freiberg in the Black Forest

716 Street scene, Freiberg in the Black Forest, Germany, 2013

Salamanca Cathedral

720 Salamanca Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain, 2013