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In response to an order we will advise the total cost including packing and sending.
Payment may be made by cheque, money order or direct to our bank account. Bank details (BSB, account number)
and a reference will be advised by email or post however requested.


Drawings on paper are packed in tubular cardboard containers and the art work is protected with acid-free paper.
Paintings on canvas, board or heavy paper are wrapped in bubble-wrap and enclosed in packaging cardboard.


Drawings are sent by Australia Post unless otherwise directed.
Paintings are sent by courier; Fastway unless otherwise directed. The option of insurance against loss or
damage is offered.
Artwork will be sent immediately on confirmation of payment to our bank account. How and when sent will
be advised by email or post however requested.

Framing of drawings

In general all drawings, pastels and watercolours need to be framed. The frame for a paper surface consists of a
rigid frame of wood or aluminium, acid-free back board, matt and 2mm thick picture glass. Preferably the glass
should be clear, not the non-reflective kind that makes the image less sharp.
Framing greatly improves the presentation, glass provides vital protection for the paper and the matt separates the paper
surface from the glass. Thicker matts are recommended for large surfaces, particularly pastels that may not be quite flat.
Framing may be done by proprietary custom framers who have the equipment to cut matts and glass, however they
need guidance on selection of colours.
We can provide guidelines for framing a paper surface specific to the artwork purchased.
An economical alternative to custom framing is to use ready-made frames available from retail outlets such as IKEA and
Spotlight. Having selected a frame large enough for the drawing it may be necessary to purchase a custom-made matt to
suit the drawing dimensions. We will recommend this approach will a sale and provide details. We can also supply drawings
fully framed using this economical method.
The picture below illustrates this framing method for drawings housed in IKEA RIBBA frames sized A4 and A3.

IKEA frames